"A gift of craftsmanship to achieve the target"


The legends are many and the saints named Valentine as well, and they all had something to do with love. Some gave money to a poor girl so that she could find lawful love, some a rose to make peace between two quarrelsome lovers, some were associated with a noble engagement as was the case with Saint Valentine in Genoa, and finally some, in the name of Valentine, blessed romantic and demure love just to fight the pagan tradition of an unbridled and very material feast (to put it slightly).

There is the tragic and untamable love, to which we have owed for centuries the date of 14 February, the day on which Valentine was martyred for having united in marriage a Christian woman and a legionnaire (who was in turn executed), and equally powerful is the romantic love raised by a medieval poem that associates Valentine's Day with Cupid while blindfolded shooting his love arrows. Valentine's Day all over the world is the feast of love, of scented 'pizzini' (to which today are added mails and posts), poetic or foul-mouthed, anonymous or in the light of day (some have calculated in more than a billion).

The best wishes, those firmly linked to an enduring passion or the hope of making a conquest, are accompanied by a gift. And here comes in aid of all lovers of all ages to celebrate love in all its forms, 'Stile Artigiano - Edition in Love', an event organised by Confartigianato Liguria with the participation of the Liguria Region's Department for Economic Development, the Chamber of Commerce and the Genoa City Council.

From 7 to 14 February on the Confartigianato Liguria website ( it will be possible to book a personalised appointment with artisan experts from the food, fashion and design sectors to plan and create your own exclusive gift, experiencing its production directly if you wish. By connecting to the site it will also be possible to book to take part in the free guided tours of the craft workshops in the historic centre ('Tours in Love') on the afternoon of Saturday 11 February.
Due to a love story dating back to Charles l D'Orleans, prisoner in the Tower of London from 1415 to 1440, who wrote love notes to his wife calling her 'sweet Valentina', old sayings still circulate today: 'on Valentine's Day every Valentine chooses his Valentina' 'on Valentine's Day every Valentina knocks on his Valentine's window'.

A small or large gift from a craftsman's hand, does not hurt to achieve the target.

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