Realisations that leave a long-lasting material and immaterial imprint


A pilgrim on his way met a stonemason intent on vibrating blows on a stone. He asked what he was doing and the one in a bad mood said: "I am trying to shape this stone and I break my hands". Later a second stonemason, intent on the same work, looking less frustrated but not happy either, answered the same question: 'I am arranging a stone for a building'. Proceeding further, the traveller met a third stonemason who was beating the stone, singing with joy. "What are you doing?" He asked for the third time. And the one in reply, "I am building a cathedral!".

This little story about enthusiasm at work may be useful to understand the personality of Ligurian stone and marble craftsmen. Products and services that respond to tangible needs but are also rich in 'intangible' values - feelings, culture, history of know-how.

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