The Garden of Dahlias

An organic farm with a rose garden

The Garden of Dahlias

Il Giardino delle Dalie is an organic farm that includes a rose garden, a plum and apple orchard, a walnut grove, a chestnut grove and aromatic plants.

Since 2000, the main production is rose syrup, with rose petal jam, followed by cut flowers of roses and irises. In season there are apple, pear, walnut, hazelnut, blackberry, elder and acacia flowers.

Production includes wrinkled and mossy centifolia roses. Crossed between wild and botanical roses, they are the most fragrant for the production of rose syrup.

The farm is located in an extraordinary landscape in the Ligurian Apennine mountains, in Savignone in the upper Scrivia Valley, a feud of the Fieschi family since the 13th century.

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