"Each work is a unique, tailor-made piece".


Since 1981, in the magnificent historic centre of Genoa, POTERIE is a craft workshop that combines the most ancient and conscious customs of ceramic production with the most modern technologies, designing and producing artistic, glazed and hand-painted tiles, also suitable for wall coverings.

"The execution of the pieces is taken care of in every detail and each work becomes a unique, sartorial piece". Great attention is paid to glazes and colours - specifically composed in the workshop - and to manual painting and construction techniques. The siblings Marcella and Valerio Diotto, founders of Poterie, are ceramists with backgrounds in architecture and art history. They freehand draw any subject from a print or photograph, translating them into pictorial language, such as a landscape on tiles or a trompe d'oeil, which can add identity and style to any room.

In particular, the artistic skills, the materials used and Marcella and Valerio Diotto's research into ancient ceramic working techniques enable the Poterie to offer reproductions of the genoese “laggioni", the precious tiles known in Spain and Portugal as azulejos, evidence of the crossroads of Mediterranean cultures, which at the beginning of the 16th century decorated atriums, staircases and the main halls of the palaces of the Genoese Republic.

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