"Creativity has no limits and neither does our desire to change and make your objects unique".


RiarrediAmo was set up as a creative reuse shop, a craft workshop skilled in recycling, decorating furniture and making furnishing accessories: a real "first aid" of old objects not to be lost and often full of memories not to be forgotten. Recycling, in which RiarrediAmo specialises, is a creative, exciting, fun and instructive activity that knows no bounds and can potentially be applied to any used item that, out of habit or laziness, we are accustomed to throwing in the bin.

Choosing how to transform old objects is sometimes not easy, but the result almost always gives a touch of poetry to the living environment and perhaps a new functionality, as an alternative to buying new furniture, which saves time and money.

Through the RiarrediAmo workshop, with design solutions and the manual ability to transform old furniture found in the basement or unearthed at a flea market, we are at the service of your home.

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