Pasticceria Canepa

Pasticceria Canepa

With its almost 160 years of uninterrupted history, the Canepa pastry shop is undoubtedly a point reference point of the city gastronomy. The company was founded in 1862 thanks to resourcefulness by Antonio Canepa who, having obtained the Diploma of Apothecary from the Royal University of Genoa, decides to open his Grocery - Confectionery - Pastry shop under the medieval arcades of Piazza Garibaldi in Rapallo. In 1930 the premises of the pastry shop were moved to the current one headquarters, at number 45 of Piazza Garibaldi, rooms that housed the post of the horses of the ancient "Postal Coaches". In 2005 Roberto, the last descendant of the family, surrenders the company to two young Rapallini, Andrea Zino and Giovanni Garbarini, who, respecting the Tradition that has made pastry famous, inject new life into the business. Canepa is one of the many small family businesses that make up the fabric of Italian excellence. Combining tradition with innovation, in 2012 he obtained the DE recognition. CO. for the historians Cubeletti, shortcrust pastry filled with jam Quince. Another important milestone achieved is the recognition of the 1st Prize in Tenzone del Panettone 2019 edition. Thanks to the constant search for quality, Canepa remains a cornerstone of the enhancement of typical Ligurian products also abroad.


Pasticceria CanepaPasticceria CanepaPasticceria CanepaPasticceria CanepaPasticceria CanepaPasticceria CanepaPasticceria Canepa

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