Antica Pasticceria Jole

Antica Pasticceria Jole

Since the end of the XIX century Dabove Caterina’s family had exercised an old and fundamental service for that time, which was suppling rested horses for the diligence that leaded to Savona.
When this activity stopped, Mrs Dabove opened at the ground floor “Il Caffé Ristorante del Nord”, while her husband Pietro Rossi , founder of the oldest macaroons’ factory, moved his activity from via Tommaso Zunini to the second floor of the bilding in Piazza Rolla.
When Pietro Rossi died in 1923, both the activities were inherited by their children, Adamo and Emilia. Emilia, for his father’s willing, lost her right when she got married, so Adamo inherited the two activities.
After Adamo Rossi’s death, his widow Jolanda Badano carried on her husband’s work.
Called by everyone as Jole, in 1930 she changed the inn’s name in Bar Jole, which she managed for 25 years.
She loved her job and she offered her customers her first homemade icecream, made with healthy ingredients bought from her neighbors.
In 1955 her son Pietro Rossi and her nephew Adamo Scasso took the reins until 1966, when Adamo Scasso left the activity to found the “Liquorificio Scasso”. Pietro Rossi carried on the activity founded by his grandad until 1971, when his sister-in-low Giovanna Siri with her husband, Elio Rossi, took over the management. In 1972 they bougth the licence, starting their own activity.
In 1985 the homemade icecream, much loved by Mrs Jole, went back to being a welcame change reintroduced in the bar by Elio and Gianna.
Mushrooms’ lover since he was a kid and known by everyone, as usual in little country villages, Elio Rossi turned his passion into an opportunity to make of Bar Jole the meeting point for mushrooms’ seekers and not only.
In 1996, the “L’Artigiana del Fungo” was founded, thinking about the tourists looking for our little forest’s pearls.
Born as a bar’s support, the new activity got a great response not only on the local market, so, at the end of 1999 became essential to opt for a management entrusted to people outside the family.
After 12 years, in the early 2012, the need and the desire to bring the oldest bar in the country to his former glory, has prompted the family to repossess, this time in order to remain. 


Antica Pasticceria JoleAntica Pasticceria JoleAntica Pasticceria JoleAntica Pasticceria JoleAntica Pasticceria JoleAntica Pasticceria Jole

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