Frantoio Sant'Agata

Frantoio Sant'Agata

Frantoio Sant’Agata, the sixth generation family-owned olive oil press in the ancient village of Sant’Agata – small but high quality producers since 1827 – shows the Mela family’s passion and taste for work well done, which they have maintained over the centuries. They have received DOP certification, and many awards, including the prestigious “Ercole Olivario” award. What is the secret of Frantoio Sant’Agata? Its valuable Taggiasca olives are harvested just before true ripening, then milled on the same day, using the care that was used in the past. This gives an extra virgin olive oil that has its own intense and vivacious character, and delicate but fragrant taste. Among Frantoio Sant’Agata’s specialties, the special taste of this olive oil accompanies the produce of the land, in the best of Ligurian traditions. Simple recipes, that are light. Recipes that tickle the palate. Sauces, creams, and the typical Ligurian pesto. All the specialties that they offer are made without additives, neither color nor preservatives.   


Frantoio Sant'AgataFrantoio Sant'AgataFrantoio Sant'Agata

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