Zanini Alimentari

Zanini Alimentari

Zanini Alimentare is an artisan company that offers the market innovative new products that bring tradition and the future together in perfect perfection in the preparation of Ligurian specialties like farinata di ceci.

 This salty pancake, thin and crunchy, is made with a few carefully selected ingredients which make a dish which is surprisingly light, tasty, and nutritious, with no glutens or cholesterol. To guarantee production of the true farinata, Zanini carefully selects the prime materials: chick pea flour, olive oil, salt, and even the water that they use. All their ingredients must have the right sensory properties to ensure the quality of the final product, which has no preservatives nor chemical additives.

You can find farinata Zanini both in a package with all the necessary ingredients to prepare at home or in your restaurant, or on a tray to pop into the oven. Now a new and practical liquid preparation has just been made available, pour it on a tray, pop it into the oven, and in just eight minutes, your farinata will be ready. In this unique way, quantities can be more easily dosed, and there is less waste. Zanini also offers ready-made cheese focaccia al formaggio di Recco, and a whole line of products without gluten.


Zanini AlimentariZanini AlimentariZanini AlimentariZanini AlimentariZanini AlimentariZanini Alimentari

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