Sandro Canestrelli

Sandro Canestrelli

Operating since 1860, Sandro Canestrelli is the oldest shop for the production of Canestrelli Biscotti, sweet fennel biscuits, and Granatini of Taggia. Alfio Rossello, the company’s founder, jealously preserves the original recipes of the local typical products, with the purpose of selling a traditionally made top-quality product that keeps its unique characteristics unaltered. The main ingredient of his entire production is the Taggiasca Olive Oil from the valleys around Imperia. This pastry shop is represented at all major food festivals of the province of Imperia and of the French Riviera. Its Canestrelli Biscotti and Granatini are traditionally tasted at the Great Gala of the San Remo Music Festival. The company is part of the Slow Food movement, a guarantee for genuine and quality food.


Sandro Canestrelli Sandro Canestrelli Sandro Canestrelli

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