I Pastai Di E.C.

I Pastai Di E.C.

Three young partners—Luciano, Mario, and Paolo – with intense experience in the food field, bought the historic pasta makers of the Valley of the Vara, I Pastai, and went on to great success.

Following the old traditions, all their products are worked and packed by hand. Thanks to the use of bronze moulds and low-temperature drying, their pasta keeps its characteristic roughness, which gourmets love because it “captures” the sauce, just like home-made pasta.

 I Pastai have an ample selection of durum wheat pasta to propose for any type of recipe: tagliatelle, pappardelle and tagliolini, and Ligurian specialties, like trofie and croxetti. In addition they offer their own specialties with unexpected flavors designed to exalt even the simplest of sauces: tagliatelle al peperoncino (made with hot peppers) or chestnuts, or nettles, squash, herbs, spinach, and even made with asparagus, squid black ink, or nuts, or, even more unusual, with lemon or orange.

Then they offer “paglia e fieno”, straw and hay, another variation on Ligurian pasta, or pappardelle made from porcini mushrooms, red wine, and even basil. All the flavors, perfumes, tastes, and traditions of Liguria, the essence of this region of mountains on the sea is captured in their products.


  • via castano 3, loc. Vezzola - 19020 Zignago (La Spezia)
  • t. +39 0187 894103
  • ipastai@gmail.it
I Pastai Di E.C. I Pastai Di E.C. I Pastai Di E.C.

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