This shop was established in 1855 by some famous Swiss confectioners who ran it until 1934, when the Gemmi family took over the business and redeveloped it. The careful choice of ingredients and the processing methods have characterised its activity since the its inception. This ice-cream/confectionary shop has reason to boast a continuous search for excellence: flavours change, but quality remains. Among the most popular products is the spungata, a traditional desert, whose thousand-year-old recipe may date back to Roman times, and has been passed down through generations, guarded with care. This sweet is filled with jam, wrapped in a pastry enriched with dried fruit, raisins and spices and is then baked in the oven. The splendid premises of the “Pasticceria Gemmi” are part of the “Historic Cafés of Italy”.


  • via Mazzini 21 - 19038 Sarzana (La Spezia)
  • t. +39 0187 620165
  • f. +39 0187 627356

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