'Farinata, pesto and formaggetta genovese are the ingredients of a new dish that sums up the taste of Liguria'

Ligurian cuisine is imaginative, with delicate flavours and famous for being light. In the video 'Liguria in a Bite', made during the professional training courses for young chefs organised by Confartigianato and supported by the Region, Maria Robaldo, a young 15-year-old student, with 'passion and creativity', talking about herself and the job she is about to do, created a new combination by bringing together three of the region's culinary excellences: pesto genovese, farinata and goat's cheese from the hinterland.

Pesto is the queen of cold basil-based sauces known to all and 'farinata', a thin cake made with chickpea flour, water, oil and salt, is one of the symbols of Genoese street food as important as focaccia. The third star of the dish is a simple goat's cheese but, as Renata Briano, food blogger, great expert in Ligurian cuisine and testimonial of the training, says, it is a special product because it is obtained with tenacity and sacrifice by Ligurian breeders in a nature as uncomfortable and harsh as it is rich in aromatic herbs and with the scent of the sea.

"Liguria in un boccone"