Brandacujun is one of the most important typical dishes of Liguria. It has ancient Provençal origins where it is known as "brandade de morue," but here in Liguria it has acquired something more: potatoes and "cujuns."

Brandacujun is one of the signature dishes of western Liguria. It is prepared with stockfish (or cod) boiled together with potatoes. Once drained, garlic, parsley, extra virgin olive oil from the Ligurian Riviera, a little lemon, salt and pepper are added. Everything is blended by shaking and whisking the contents in the pot held firmly with the hands, occasionally helping with a paddle, until the ingredients are completely chopped and mixed. t owes its name partly to its Provençal origins ("branda" from "brandade" literally means "moved," "shaken," or "slammed") and partly to male attributes in the Genoese language ("cujun"). On the origin of this part of the name there are two narratives. In the first, which I would call romantic, it is told that in ancient times brandacujun, a typical sailor's dish (stockfish and potatoes were kept for a long time), was prepared by a cook who had to stand wide-legged to stay balanced, inevitably ending up banging the pot on his "cujuns." The other version, which, however, does not rule out the first, is that to bang the pot was more or less maliciously called the crew's intended victim: "Bang, branda ...... !"

"Let's Taste Liguria" is a project carried out by Confartigianato Liguria with co-financing from the Liguria Region, Department of Training, and in collaboration with Valbormida Formazione, with the aim of enhancing Ligurian products of excellence. Protagonists of the project were the students of the Professional Education and Training Courses for Catering Operators. Each student identified created a dish, with the accompaniment and supervision of teacher Sandro Usai and with Renata Briano, Ligurian food blogger and exceptional testimonial. In the approximately 4' video, a modern interpretation of brandacujun.

"Millefoglieof cod brandade on garlic sauce"