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St Nicholas in ancient Persia was the first: he gave a dowry to three poor maidens so that they could marry. Thus was born a legend and a custom that took on various names, such as Santa Claus in the Nordic countries, until Father Christmas, the magical character with the white beard dressed in red who builds toys at the North Pole, travels on a flying sleigh pulled by reindeer and in a single night descends from chimneys all over the world to bring gifts to good children and coal to bad ones.

Those who do not believe in Father Christmas assert that there is no toy factory at the North Pole, that reindeer do not fly, and that it is not possible for one person to descend millions of chimneys at the same time, even taking the time difference into account.

Those who believe in Father Christmas explain the mystery with incontrovertible logic: Father Christmas is a magical person and as such, by definition, is able to multiply himself especially on Christmas night into millions of mothers and fathers, husbands and wives, fiancés and fiancées, grandparents, friends, benefactors, colleagues, neighbours and distant relatives.

These Santas do not need sleighs because they have subways, buses, trains, cars, parcel post and bicycles and, as for the gift factory, they all find it close to home or with a phone call or an email or a click.

Those who choose a handicraft product, especially in times like these, find objects that are unique by definition, personalised because they are dedicated to loved ones, and affordable (also for ethical reasons). Looking in an artisan workshop, either physically or virtually as on the platform therefore makes all the difference, it becomes a distinctive character of style, love and good taste to celebrate Christmas.

Wander around shops and small markets, follow our blog, browse through images of 'Artisans in Liguria', working in all sectors and for all tastes. If you search with curiosity and patience ... the reindeer sleigh will come!

Best wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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