'Mastery of technique makes the difference'


It can be said that the history of this shop in Savona now spans three generations, having begun in 1926 when Mr Risso of Genova, a forerunner in the cultivation of flowers and ornamental plants, moved to the Savona hinterland and his daughter Piera, thirty years later, opened and successfully developed a shop specialising in flower arrangements in Savona, the second largest city in Liguria.

Their roots, passion and study are at the heart of the vision of these craftsmen, who have graduated in Plant Architecture in Italy, Spain and Switzerland, a training course, particularly the Swiss school, which 'has given us, in addition to artistic knowledge, a mastery of technique that allows us to add innovative designs and special shapes to traditional decorative compositions'.

Manual skills in the delicate handling of flowers, expertise in making compositions and the ability to manipulate materials such as iron, wood, glass and various agglomerates are the professional ingredients that make the difference and turn flower arrangements, from decorations to bouquets to plant sculptures, into true works of art.

In the wake of the culture and experience gained with decorations, Fiorista Piera has developed a fine line of costume jewellery with floral-themed necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings and brooches. 

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