"A family-run business with strong ties to its origins, but proud to be in the vanguard".


In the heart of the Argentina Valley, in the extreme western part of Liguria, not far from France, lies the village of Taggia, the historic territorial centre from which the name of the taggiasca olive, Liguria's most famous and important cultivar, derives, and whose origins date back to the Middle Ages. 

The artisan company Boeri, founded by Giuseppe "Peppin" Boeri at the end of the 19th century, is the daughter of this history and of the cultural and professional values cultivated with passion for more than a century by his children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Today, the company uses the most modern cold-pressing technologies, and the family is proud of this, in the knowledge that it is just as important to remain faithful to one's origins, to enhance experience and knowledge, and to love the territory.

Inspired by tradition and supported by technology and scientific knowledge, Boeri produces Extra Virgin and other olive processing products whose quality is guaranteed and certified.

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