"I catch a dream in a coffee cup..."


I Solitari are porcelain decorators who started their business in 1992. The name underlines the exclusivity of the objects they make. They are porcelain decorators and produce various objects from Christmas balls made in collaboration with artists such as Francesco Musante, to tiles, plates, cups and saucers personalised with names and dates and various porcelain objects made to order with logos, coats of arms, phrases, dedications.

Over time, "made-to-measure" products have been flanked by lines suitable for larger-scale production, such as "Il Domatore di Acciughe" (The Anchovy Tamer) and "Cuore Luna e Fortuna" (Heart, Moon and Fortune), a series of cups and saucers created in collaboration with the master Francesco Musante and featuring fantastic characters who, having emerged from an enchanted world, are placed by the artist in a context full of words and objects ("I catch a dream in a coffee cup..." ).

Another very special line created in collaboration with a renowned artist are Ornella Micheli's ornigraphies, an artificial process of constructing beauty on ceramic by selecting, breaking down and recombining images taken from the immense repertoire offered by the history of art, a collection of compositions that enhance the aesthetics and elegance of the female figure (the porcelain is accompanied by the artist's signature printed in gold).

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