Isaia - Aziende Dolciarie Riunite spa

Isaia - Aziende Dolciarie Riunite spa

The story of pastry-makers ADR s.p.a. (Aziende Dolciarie Riunite), owner of the trademarks, “La Sassellese” and “Isaia”, is closely tied to Sassello, its home town in the mountains behind Savona.  ADR began making pastries and desserts in the mid-1800s, and still uses traditional artisan methods to make its top quality bitter almond macaroons, the famous “amaretto morbido”.

With carefully chosen ingredients – to guarantee quality and fragrance – it achieves such high results due to its delicate production process, characterized by the special phase called the rolling (“arrotolamento”), then baking, and above all the packaging, each macaroon wrapped in paper in the traditional bow format, that is still partially done by hand. This gives the traditional “pasticcino” its round, and slightly squished form, with a soft “heart”, all perfumed with that characteristic delicate bitter aroma.

Isaia also takes variations on the traditional amaretti out of its ovens each day. There are amaretti flavored with citrus fruit, chocolate, hazelnut, coconut, and yet other types.

In this way, the classic pastry products of the area, like amaretti, but also canestrelli and baci di dama, are all born of the experience of decades and the natural prime materials of traditional Ligurian desserts.


Isaia - Aziende Dolciarie Riunite spaIsaia - Aziende Dolciarie Riunite spaIsaia - Aziende Dolciarie Riunite spa

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