La Fatina

La Fatina

La Fatina is not just a fashionable clothing shop that specializes in children’s apparel from age 0 to 16, but also – thanks to Francesca’s energetic spirit, combined with that of her mother, Ketty – sells fashion accessories and customized made-to-measure gifts. From “GFK” knits made by hand with valuable yarns, to fancy handmade costume jewelry under the “LE FATINE LABORIOSE” trademark, for which their friend and collegue, Cinzia Pitarrelli, also works.


  • via Mazzino 48 - 18018 Taggia (Imperia)
  • t. +39 0184 42452
  • f. +39 0184 42452
La FatinaLa FatinaLa Fatina

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