Arianna Cashmere

Arianna Cashmere

Arianna is a small artisan workshop located in the Ligurian hinterland, about half an hour from Genoa. It is a family-run zienda specialized in the production of the highest quality scarves in cashmere, cashmere-silk and vicuna. Since 1987 Arianna has been producing her articles on ancient 19th-century shuttle looms, which can produce only about ten garments a day. As a result, the Arianna product is considered a very valuable niche product. The production cycle, from weaving to packaging the product, is made entirely within the company by Italian artisans. For this reason Arianna can boast a true MADE IN ITALY.


Arianna CashmereArianna CashmereArianna CashmereArianna CashmereArianna Cashmere

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