Il Pesto di Prà

Il Pesto di Prà

In Prà, the old maritime village along the Riviera, now the western tip of the City of Genoa, basil is still grown. And what basil! This is the best known on Ligurian territory, and hence the best in the world. “Il Pesto di Prà”, Genoese pesto from Pra, is made from basil that the agricultural company has been growing since 1827. The particular conditions of Pra’s microclimate – washed by salty sea breezes, the sun on south-facing rocky soil – are particularly favorable for Genoese  small-leafed basil that concentrates flavor and gives off a delicate aroma that makes  Genoese pesto so different from basil from the rest of the world. In addition, “Il Pesto di Prà” which is part of the consortium, “Consorzio del Pesto Genovese” has centuries of experience in ensuring its material of excellence and this in turn guarantees superior quality pesto.  


Il Pesto di PràIl Pesto di PràIl Pesto di PràIl Pesto di PràIl Pesto di PràIl Pesto di Prà

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