Minuto Caffè

Minuto Caffè

“Minuto Caffè” is a historic small craft business founded in 1850. Since 1929 it has specialised in the import and roasting of quality coffee varieties for bars, home consumption and now also espresso pods.
Since 2001 it has been the only Ligurian coffee-shop to join the Italian Consortium of Certified Special Coffees (CSC Italia), selecting the best qualities of green coffee in the world through an ISO 9001/2000 certified procedure. The two main products by Minuto Caffé “Fior di Aroma 100% arabica” and “Bar Gourmet Espresso 100% arabica” have been awarded the Gold Medal in the relevant categories at the International Coffee Tasting 2008.


Minuto Caffè Minuto Caffè Minuto Caffè

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