Maglificio Gallo Pia

Maglificio Gallo Pia

This knitwear factory was founded by Ms Pia Gallo in the Sixties in Casarza Ligure, a lively village close to Sestri Levante.

Her son and her grandchildren have enthusiastically taken on and continued her activity, successfully combining the traditional art of cashmere and fine wool weaving, on the one hand, with modern technologies, on the other, to offer their customers first-class products always in line with the latest trends in fashion.

Besides the factory, the company includes a large showroom for direct sale to customers. The company manufactures bespoke garments to meet the needs of the most demanding customers, as well as entire product lines for third companies. Quality, reliability, and competence are the most appropriate words to describe this company.


  • via De Gasperi 50A - 16030 Casarza Ligure (Genova)
  • t. +39 0185 46032
  • f. +39 0185 46032
Maglificio Gallo PiaMaglificio Gallo PiaMaglificio Gallo PiaMaglificio Gallo Pia

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