Imago Tricot

Imago Tricot

Imago Tricot Cashmere was born in the eighties from an idea by Giuliana Frumento. In 1991 her daughter, Federica, having studied fashion and style at the renowned Istituto Marangoni in Milan, also joined the company.

Together they love to further expand their passion for cashmere, respecting the material and its precious qualities. Their collections are studied, designed, and entirely Made in Italy. The winter collection brings out the softness of prime quality cashmere, with the raw material (only) coming from Mongolia.

The Women’s Collection, soft and enveloping, brings out feminine nature, and works well with casual styles like T-shirts and light wraps, as does the classic refinement of their tailored knitted jackets and coats. Upon client’s request they can also make made-to-measure apparel designed with the owners, taking advantage of their professional experience. Imago Tricot guarantees quick deliveries and turn-around time, maximum availability, and flexibility in orders.


Imago TricotImago TricotImago TricotImago TricotImago TricotImago Tricot

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