Il Giardino delle Dalie

Il Giardino delle Dalie

At the heart of the extraordinary landscape of the Apennine Mountains in Liguria, you will find this company. Here, in Savignone, in the upper Valley Scrivia, where once reigned (starting in the XIII century) the Fieschi lords, they built—between 1500 and 1700—a palace, a church, a parsonage, and a hospital, which today houses the company on its grounds.

The garden was created to support the activity of the old hospital. In those days, herbs were used to cure patients, and the “speziale” (the spice-man, or herbologist) would cultivate many plants, but here mainly roses. Today the tradition has been rediscovered and renewed, both in terms of cultivation—using organic methods, and of production—looking for prescriptions of the past.

The products they produce are greatly appreciated: rose syrup, rose petal jam, rose jelly, candied violets, and sambuco jam. In addition Il Gardino delle Dalie makes original potpourri (aromatic flower and herb sachets), organizes courses that teach how to create one’s own rose garden, does guided tours of the laboratory-workshop, and for syrup tasting.

The visitor can wander around the 12 hectares of the property, which in addition to the rose garden has fruit orchards and a chestnut grove. Everything at Il Gardino delle Dalie comes together to offer a fantastic experience of perfumes, colors, and tastes.


Il Giardino delle DalieIl Giardino delle DalieIl Giardino delle DalieIl Giardino delle DalieIl Giardino delle DalieIl Giardino delle Dalie

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