Il Pesto Genovese - Rossi

Il Pesto Genovese - Rossi

Il Genovese, artisan workshop and family business, was born of the efforts of Roberto Panizza, third generation artisan in his family, and Emanuela Nicora.

This small company pays careful attention to Ligurian food and agricultural traditions, producing and distributing a great and fresh Genoese Pesto.

Its pesto is the final product of a very careful selective choice of ingredients of prime quality, mixing together Genoese basil DOP (certified Ligurian produce), garlic from Vessalico, extravirgin olive oil, and Reggiano Parmesan cheese that has been aged 24 months. In his kitchens, love for tradition and genuine goodness meet in modern production systems and work procedures: from the programmed monitoring of all the required hygiene and sanitary regulations, to the analytic study of the characteristics of the shelf life of the product (fresh pesto can be conserved for 60 days).

But he also donates his time to courses, demonstrations, and even fun competitive contests to rediscover, or learn for the first time, how to make real pesto using only the traditional mortar and pestle. His pesto brooks no equals. His company also does customized products and can ship even small quantities through national and international couriers to all parts of the world.


Il Pesto Genovese - RossiIl Pesto Genovese - RossiIl Pesto Genovese - RossiIl Pesto Genovese - RossiIl Pesto Genovese - RossiIl Pesto Genovese - Rossi

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