Esposito Erasmo & figli

Esposito Erasmo & figli

The Esposito Dairy was established in 1956 by its founder Erasmo Esposito, who enthusiastically chose the Vara Valley as an ideal area for a farm which derives its ingredients and identity from nature. The Esposito Dairy products are obtained from whole cow’s milk of Italian origin only. In the processing of products, no chemical preservatives or antifermentative agents are used. Among the most requested and favoured cheese specialties are mozzarella fior di latte (made from cow’s milk), fresh ricotta, caciotta, stracchino and, finally, natural yoghurt. Accurate care and particular attention to quality have guaranteed a product that over the years has maintained its natural processing features, which Erasmo Esposito doesn‘t want to abandon, thus preferring as always to be considered by his clients a quality producer rather than one of quantity.


Esposito Erasmo & figliEsposito Erasmo & figliEsposito Erasmo & figli

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