Calì il Pasticcere (Monaco Anna)

Calì il Pasticcere (Monaco Anna)

Though this pastry-maker started off in Turin in 1980, it then moved to Liguria without losing sight of its roots and now offers numerous and diversified Ligurian specialties along with those from the Piedmont, Naples, and Sicily. Its “kisses” - “bacio di Borghetto Santo Spirito” - a dry biscuit covered in fine dark chocolate, and the “borghettino”, are its most famous specialties. Calì il Pasticcere also offers a vast assortment of chocolates and make artistic works in chocolate.


  • via A. Patrone 3 r - 17052 Borghetto Santo Spirito (Savona)
  • t. +39 0182 940400
Calì il Pasticcere (Monaco Anna)Calì il Pasticcere (Monaco Anna)Calì il Pasticcere (Monaco Anna)

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