Besio Amaretti

Besio Amaretti

Since 1902 the “Pasticceria Besio” has been a family-run confectioner’s shop, where both the knowledge and flavours of the local tradition have been passed down through generations with love and passion. Macaroon biscuits, made only with almonds, sugar and egg-whites, are the piece de resistance of this confectionery and may also be savoured by those allergic to gluten as they don’t contain any traces of flour. Other delicacies include pandolce (a typical local cake) and the traditional Lagaccio biscuits, aniseed biscuits, sponge fingers, capricci – plain chocolate with rum – and, of course, fresh and dried small cakes for all tastes. The “Pasticceria Besio” does not use colouring agents or preservatives, and guarantees carefully selected, high-quality ingredients. A secret that is over a century-old.


Besio AmarettiBesio AmarettiBesio Amaretti

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Artigiani in Liguria

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