Aided by landscapes and colours of extraordinary beauty and intensity

Liguria is particularly photogenic and its landscapes are so varied - from headlands overlooking the
sea to terraced hillsides of gentle slopes, from golden sandy beaches to mountain paths - that they
have become a source of inspiration for paintings and artistic compositions, for the production of
advertising photographs of the territory and its cultural and architectural beauties, and often serve
as the backdrop for reports on events and anniversaries or which have people at the centre of the
lens (sportsmen, skippers, cultural and show business personalities and, last but not least, simple
people who want to memorise unforgettable moments). A number of photographers working in
Genoa and the Rivieras, many of whom are active on a national and international level, have
received the quality recognition of the Marchio Artigiani in Liguria (Artisans in Liguria Mark) and
you can discover their story and their work on this platform