Sidoti represents passion and dedication for fashion that has been handed down with a style of authentic elegance for several generations.


It was founded as a haute couture tailor's shop and still carries on this tradition in the heart of Genoa's creative, historical and cultural centre.

The fundamental value of the company is undoubtedly "Made in Italy", a fundamental characteristic for those who want to reflect the ethos of authentic, modern design that pays attention to details, materials and accessories, all elements that make Sidoti a point of reference in the world of Design and Fashion.

In her Fashion Concept Store, fashion designer Tiziana Sidoti expresses her creativity through refined and avant-garde collections, always using eco-sustainable and quality fabrics. She explores and enhances the world of women and not only and proposes outfits suitable for everyone, which go beyond social limits and cultural differences.

It is a small but great jewel in the Genoese Design District that carries on a tradition of imagination, expertise and passion for fashion.

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