Atelier Gismondi is a historic company that has been making jewellery and decorative objects in precious metals entirely by hand for over 250 years.


Thanks to the consultancy work of Sarah Gismondi and the production work of Alessandro Loffredo, Atelier Gismondi carries on the centuries-old Genoese tradition of the "fraveghi" (gold smiths) and the artistic heritage of the Sforza goldsmiths, thus assuming an important role in the creation of customised jewellery and in assistance and consultancy activities.

Located in the commercial heart of Genoa, the goldsmith's workshop boasts the ownership of ancient tools, still in working order, which are still used to work precious metals. It is a workshop that has welcomed many generations of artisans who, thanks to their creativity and dexterity honed over time, have allowed the tradition to be transferred to new generations and to reach us while maintaining all its charm and value.

The Gismondi family always makes the best of the ideas agreed with customers in its forge, perpetuating a family custom handed down over the centuries.

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