The way of luxury

Genoa, an ancient history of value and beauty

The way of luxury
In the 14th century, gold and silver working was concentrated in the Genoese area and was the prerogative of the Goldsmiths' Guild, highly specialised and renowned throughout the Mediterranean basin. Since then, Genoa's historic centre has continued to be populated by workshops and ateliers that work with gold and precious metals, drawing inspiration from the techniques of the ancient Masters, using traditional tools - often handcrafted themselves - and contaminating styles and objects with contemporary materials, lines and inspirations.

Jewellery of various shapes and genres, natural gems and precious stones, chromatic paths and always unique. Ligurian master jewellers take care of every aspect of production from design to manufacture, including collections and unique pieces, conceived and created to satisfy our desires.

For those who want to treat themselves to a unique weekend in Liguria, don't miss the fashion ateliers, the old tailor's shops, the cashmere productions: fine yarns worked with artisan care, from design to development and production.

The companies represented here and shown on the map are small stages in an ideal itinerary of beauty and charm.