Crazy Hair

Crazy Hair

Crazy hair, in Genoa-Nervi, is a multi-function center that takes care of hair and of the wellness of the body and the mind. At its beauty salon, the hairdressing staff can give you the ideal haircut, paying particular attention to the preparation of hairstyles for brides, and the latest fashion ideas such as hair extensions.

In addition to profession hairstyle creation and the sales of a vast range of products, Crazy Hair takes the health of your hair to heart with its use of natural products for hair coloring. With many different types of trichological equipment they carry out an in-depth analysis of the scalp, allowing the experts at Crazy Hair to scientifically diagnose and cure in a natural way some frequent hair problems.

The integration of natural cures to heal hair problems is just one small part of the naturopathy  and wellness services offered at Crazy Hair.  All massages and treatments are in fact offered in a welcoming wellness salon that has been specifically studied to stimulate your relaxation.


Crazy HairCrazy HairCrazy Hair

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