Stefano Cavalieri

Stefano Cavalieri

Since 1985 Stefano Cavalieri has enthusiastically devoted himself to studying the fascinating world of “chair-seat weaving”. Such a common, minimal definition comprises, in fact, a large variety of raw materials and techniques.

Indeed, even a very ordinary chair can be turned into a unique object by applying the “correct” seat weaving technique and using natural materials carefully selected to match the chair’s original style. In this respect, Stefano Cavalieri chooses the various types of chair-seat weaving techniques and materials – caning, Vienna straw, Chiavarine style (typical chairs from Chiavari), cords, twisted straw – by applying a strict “philological” approach, which also allows him to advise his customers on the most appropriate solution.


  • vico al Monte di Pieta' 24 r - 16123 Genova (Genova)
  • t. +39 010 2474417
Stefano CavalieriStefano CavalieriStefano Cavalieri

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