Laboratorio Orafo F.Lli Mozzachiodi

Laboratorio Orafo F.Lli Mozzachiodi

This goldsmith’s workshop was established in 1968 by Renato Mozzachiodi, who is now assisted in his work by his sons Giacomo and Andrea: a family passion for the jeweller’s art. Their workshop makes jewels in 18k white and red gold with semi-precious stones. Recently they have also started to accept already processed gold, which can be melted to make new jewels: an unmatched earring, an old-fashioned ring, thin chains and bracelets which are no longer your favourite will go back to their original splendour and charm you again with new shapes.


Laboratorio Orafo F.Lli MozzachiodiLaboratorio Orafo F.Lli MozzachiodiLaboratorio Orafo F.Lli Mozzachiodi

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