La Bottega degli Stucchi

La Bottega degli Stucchi

“La Bottega degli Stucchi” is a family-run craft workshop boasting long-standing experience in the sector of stucco decoration. This company can both make new plaster decorations and restore pre-existing ones. In 2008 a showroom with adjacent workshop was opened, where the most outstanding works are on display.

 In the best artistic and craftsmanship tradition, “La Bottega degli Stucchi’s” activities include the production of decorative stuccos as well as their sale and installation. Restoration works include casts for the reproduction of missing plaster decorative elements and templates used to make frames, either on site or at the workbench. Friezes, bas-reliefs and frames in general are also created based on the customer’s design, thus allowing for the highest possible customisation.


La Bottega degli StucchiLa Bottega degli StucchiLa Bottega degli Stucchi

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