Il Ferro di Cavallo

Il Ferro di Cavallo

The Horseshoe, Il Ferro di Cavallo, was founded in Genoa’s old city in 1977 in the basement of a nobleman’s palace near Unesco’s world heritage Via Garibaldi. It specializes in the restoration of antique pieces, in the creation of single pieces, and in the renovation of historic houses and valued shops. The three main trades involved are blacksmithing, the working of metal, and masonry work. It has a long list of clients among famous antique dealers and architecture studios. It also can work other metals like copper and brass.


  • piazza Cernaia 2/3 r - 16123 Genova (Genova)
  • f. +39 010 2478833
Il Ferro di CavalloIl Ferro di Cavallo

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Artigiani in Liguria

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