Figli di De Martini

Figli di De Martini

Since the 1500s, the finest fabrics of the highest of quality have been made here, thanks to the textile arts that have been passed down from generation to generation. Figli di De Martini’s range of products includes precious damasks, satins, and silks for upholstery and interiors, and pure linen towels with macramé, “ajour”, or “gigliuccio” handmade finishes. Figli di De Martini also weaves linen cloth for curtains and clothing and rich plaids (light woolen blankets), stoles, scarves, cloaks, and sweaters in cashmere and silk.


Figli di De MartiniFigli di De MartiniFigli di De Martini

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Artigiani in Liguria

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