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Azienda Agricola Terre Taggiasche


Picture an endless expanse of olive groves, the trees growing along the sides of a picturesque village in western Liguria.  These are the sun-kissed, undisputed masters in the area of Gazzelli; the majestic trees reach out towards the sky, defying the laws of physics, and leave unsuspecting visitors speechless at the intertwining beauty and hard-work of man and nature.
It is this awe-inspiring beauty that drew one young entrepreneur back home, to launch an enterprise that included the colors, aromas and tenacity of this land. Belmonte Giobatta in 1905 decided to spend his live in Gazzelli starting to cultivate olives. After the third generation of producers of olive oil Antonio in 2011 founded Terre Taggiasche and decided to take up the traditional family crafts and trade to produce a range of products with a modern style but traditional flavors.
Terre Taggiasche covers 15 hectares, dedicated to the cultivation of the Taggiasca olive tree, a cultivar. From this land comes a high-quality extra-virgin olive oil, with a characteristic flavor of pine nuts; an extraordinarily delicate olive oil. The company is in biological conversion and impact 0.
Our producs are cultivated processed and packaged by our farm. The main products are extra virgin olive oil cultivars taggiasca and olives in brine, used to produce the pitted olives and the famous olives sauce taggiasca. In recent years with the increase in production of vegetables, we have been manufacturing, using traditional recipes of her grandmother, the famous sauces Terre Taggiasche.



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