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Antico Frantoio Tavian


The old olive oil press, Antico Frantoio Tavian, has historic traditions that date back to 1724, and in keeping with its history, it continues to operate in the same spirit as that of its ancestors. Though Antico Frantoio Tavian continually improves its work systems, it never forgets the ancient and traditional methods that it always has used to press olives.

The heart of its activity lies in Segno, in the mountains behind Vado Ligure. Here a small pool has been carved out by the Segno stream, which up till a few decades ago fed the mill used by the olive press. Today the ancient wheel and grindstones are used for the local production of grain and chestnuts, and are conserved inside a modern building that can be visited even during the periods of the working of the olives.

The olive oil press is in use from October to March. It also grinds olives for its neighbors and make a superior Extravirgin Olive Oil for direct sales.



Antico Frantoio TavianAntico Frantoio TavianAntico Frantoio TavianAntico Frantoio TavianAntico Frantoio TavianAntico Frantoio Tavian

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