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Vigo Mosaici

For three generations Vigo Mosaici s.n.c. of the brothers Marco and Massimo Vigo preserves an ancient artisan trade with the aim of restoring dignity and beauty to the artistic heritage of grit flooring and marble mosaics passed down by the ancient master craftsmen of Venice and Genoa.
Our goal is to realize, enhance and restore them with respect for tradition but bringing innovation and personality at the same time.
Our company has an expert team of qualified employees that work hard with professionals, architects and designers for the technical and artistic study of our customers' projects.
Our materials used in the respect of the tradition are : lime, cement, crushed pottery, oxides, dirts, marble grit or stones, cobblestones.
Our expertise: crushed stone interior flooring, crushed pottery flooring, marble mosaics, marble cobblestone outdoor flooring, religious art.



Vigo MosaiciVigo MosaiciVigo Mosaici

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