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Cesare Missarelli Fotografo


Cesare Missarelli was born in Varzo (Province of Viterbo) in 1958. Though he lives and works in Genoa, he operates across Italy as a professional photographer. He developed his great love for photography at a very young age, and then decided to turn his passion into a profession.

Weddings are his most important service, and he manages to immediately establish a unique rapport with the bridal couple, which leads to perfect results. Missarelli has the ability to remain discrete, but capture the most of each instant, while maintaining the naturalness of his images. The spontaneity of his photos is not by chance, but the result of long experience and the ability to catch the best moment to immortalize the sentiments of tenderness and feelings without forcing expressions and poses. He uses mainly natural light, creating warm images, rich in subtle contrasts and nuances.

A wedding is a very important moment, filled with emotions that should be immortalized in time with images of fitting quality, so contact Missarelli, and you will find that his great professional ability is also accompanied by exceptional courtesy and availability.



Cesare Missarelli FotografoCesare Missarelli FotografoCesare Missarelli FotografoCesare Missarelli FotografoCesare Missarelli FotografoCesare Missarelli Fotografo

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