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Olio Roi


The Boeri family makes extra-virgin olive oil in Badalucco, in the inland of Taggia, an ideal place for Ligurian olive-growing. They started their business in 1900, when Giuseppe Boeri rented an olive oil mill belonging to the local council and began to produce extra-virgin olive oil. Today, Franco has inherited his family business, and is projecting it into the future with a right balance between modernity and tradition. The Roi mill - owing its name to the dialect nickname by which the family is known – uses Taggiasca olives gathered from the olive groves growing on the terraced land of western Liguria and produces PDO extra-virgin olive oil as well as delicious pickled olives.

18 hectares of land and about 6.000 olive trees in the Argentina Valley, Province of Imperia.
The main  products are:

- extra virgin Ligurian olive oil D.O.P.

- black olives in brine

- stoned olives in extra virgin olive oil

- Ligurian pesto (basilic sauce)



Olio RoiOlio RoiOlio RoiOlio RoiOlio RoiOlio Roi

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