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La Sassellese - Aziende Dolciarie Riunite spa


The story of pastry-makers ADR s.p.a. (Aziende Dolciarie Riunite), owner of the trademarks, “La Sassellese” and “Isaia”, is closely tied to Sassello and its homeland in the mountains behind Savona. 

ADR began making pastries and desserts in the mid-1800s, and still uses traditional artisan methods to make its top quality bitter almond macaroons, the famous “amaretto morbido”, made - without any preservatives - with the natural ingredients that respect tradition – almonds, egg whites, and sugar.

In addition to the amaretto morbido, La Sassellese produces other dessert delights such as the Baci di Sassello – two small biscuit hemispheres made with hazelnut flour mixed with cacao, joined together by a delicious band of chocolate – and Canestrellini, based on a butter dough and without any preservatives. ‘La Sassellese’ Canestrellini brook no imitations with their delicious crumbly nature and a thin layer of powdered sugar sprinkled on them.

The high quality of these and many other La Sassellese products is the result of a careful selection of prime materials which, though produced by a modern industrial system, are worked today in the same way as the past. This is the real secret of the La Sassellese trademark.



La Sassellese - Aziende Dolciarie Riunite spaLa Sassellese - Aziende Dolciarie Riunite spaLa Sassellese - Aziende Dolciarie Riunite spa

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