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L'Artigiana del Fungo (inserire Ref. Bar Jole)


Since 1996 “L'Artigiana del Fungo” has been producing delicious spreads renowned across the region for the freshness of their ingredients. A careful selection of the raw materials for spreads and jams and a preference for the use of local fresh agricultural and forestry produce are this company’s secret. The wide range of food varieties on offer goes from starters to desserts and includes mixed antipasti, cheese-stuffed hot peppers, Taggiasche olives, anchovies, capers and tuna, stuffed mushrooms, pesto, various types of spreads to be served as appetizers and with side dishes, homemade sauces, cakes and jams. An absolute must are the sun-dried and pickled mushrooms in extra-virgin olive oil, which have always been the company’s piece de resistance.



L'Artigiana del Fungo (inserire Ref. Bar Jole)L'Artigiana del Fungo (inserire Ref. Bar Jole)

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