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Giuseppe D'urso


Giuseppe D’Urso signs all of his fashion creations made in his atelier which since 1991 has been dressing dynamic and classic women. Women who continue to amaze with the unique style of their clothing. D’Urso’s dresses are exclusively made by hand using top quality materials like pure wool, cashmere, organza, chiffon and duchess. Each one is unique because every creation expresses the client’s unique personality, a custom-made model created by the fashion designer working with the client’s proposals and desires. The collections—which range from tailored suits to wedding dresses, from high fashion to T-shirts—can also have their own custom-designed accessories, such as hand bags and belts in real leather made by D’Urso. The originality of the design and the purity of its cut reflect the highest sartorial traditions of Italy.

Facebook: Giuseppe D'urso  e  Giuseppe D'Urso Couture
YouTube: Dursoaltamoda
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Giuseppe D'ursoGiuseppe D'ursoGiuseppe D'ursoGiuseppe D'ursoGiuseppe D'ursoGiuseppe D'ursoGiuseppe D'urso

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