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Birrificio del Golfo


The “Birrificio del Golfo2 was established in 2005 and originated from an idea by Stefano Tonarelli, who combined his passion and ten-year-long experience in the production of traditionally made beers with his entrepreneurial ability and knowledge of the local territory. The brewery mainly offers a range of British-style top-fermented beers: equipment, traditional brewing procedures and raw materials are all “made in England”. Beers are available in 20, 25, 30 litre casks and in 50 and 33 cl bottles. The products have six completely different labels: Golden Ale, Weiten, India Pale Ale, Stout, Scotch Ale, Scotch Christmas Ale. The slogan is: “Traditionally-made beer... for a fresh, raw and natural cheer”.



Birrificio del GolfoBirrificio del GolfoBirrificio del Golfo

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