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Cordani Velluti

Cordani Velluti

Cordani Velluti is the only producer of smooth Genoese velvet (“velluto liscio genovese”) which since the 1500s is the most compact and shiny velvet in the world. Cordani Velluti fabrics are made of pure silk. They can be “cesellati “ (chiseled) or “carré” (squared) on a background of satin or “gros de tours”, or else “a giardino” (like a garden) with many colors. All can be enriched with designs done in thread of gold or silver, or with special tints. All Cordani velvets are made entirely by hand on historic looms that date to the 1800s. They can be used in many ways - from interior design to clothing to fashion accessories.



Cordani VellutiCordani VellutiCordani VellutiCordani VellutiCordani VellutiCordani Velluti

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